The Most Instagrammable Restaurants of 2021 That Will Leave You Hungry for More

The Most Instagrammable Restaurants of 2021 That Will Leave You Hungry for More


Food is not just about taste, it is also about the experience, the ambiance, and the aesthetics. Instagramming your food is a trend that has taken over the world by storm. Everyone wants to take pictures of what they are eating and share it with their friends and followers on social media. In this article, we have compiled a list of the most Instagrammable restaurants of 2021 that will leave you hungry for more.

The Restaurants

1. Sketch, London

Sketch is a quirky and playful restaurant in London that has amazing food and drinks. The interiors are a mix of retro and futuristic designs that will make you feel like you are in a different world. Their signature dish is the pink velvet cake that is almost too pretty to eat! You can take pictures in their famous egg-shaped toilets, which are a work of art in themselves.

2. Gaggan, Bangkok

Gaggan is a molecular gastronomy restaurant in Bangkok that is known for its innovative and artistic dishes. The food is created like a piece of art and will leave you speechless. They have a unique way of presenting their dishes, which will make you want to take a picture before eating. Their signature dish is the Lick It Up, which is an edible bouquet of flowers.

3. Elan Cafe, Dubai

Elan Cafe is a trendy cafe in Dubai that has a flower-filled interior. Every corner of the cafe is a perfect spot for an Instagram picture. They serve coffee, pastries, and light bites that are as pretty as they are tasty. The floral decorations change regularly, so there is always something new to see and photograph.

4. The Jane, Antwerp

The Jane is a Michelin star restaurant in Antwerp that is housed in a beautifully restored church. The interiors are breathtaking, with stunning stained glass windows and chandeliers. Their dishes are a mix of traditional and modern cuisine, and are beautifully presented. The chef, Sergio Herman, is known for his attention to detail and the creativity of his dishes.


These four restaurants are just a sample of the many Instagrammable restaurants out there. They not only serve amazing food, but also provide an experience that is worth capturing and sharing. So grab your camera, go out and explore the world of Instagrammable restaurants!


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